Uber and Lyft Prices Reaches Sky High Due to Driver Shortage

Uber and Lyft Prices Reaches Sky High Due to Driver Shortage

The cost for the Uber and Lyft rides has gotten a lot higher than the usual price. This is because of the shortage of drivers that the company had been facing. It is indeed troublesome for getting such high rates in place of the moderate ones. This makes transportation and commutation of daily workers a difficult deal, especially those who solely used to depend on these car services for their daily movement from one place to other.

If we look at the statistics then we can see that the price of the ride-sharing app has definitely increased by 92% from January of 2018 to July of 2021. Yes, that is a long period of time in individual life but it is also a huge amount of increase in the number of the price range.

Uber and Lyft Prices Reaches Sky High Due to Driver Shortage

This is also accompanied by the number of drivers that the company has, shortening over time. The wait times for the rides had also been increasing steadily over a period of time. The shortage of drivers might as well be the reason behind this too.

The companies are in dire strait since they do not have any drivers to be continuing the business. This is indeed a tough time where they are doing anything that is possible for them to make sure that the drivers feel like coming back. This is an incentive-driven program. They are making sure that they are putting up a lot of incentives to encourage the drivers to return. The companies have been spending a lot of money on this too.

However, the drivers have some complaints too. “The companies do not think or really look at us as human beings. They just look at us and consider us as profit,” says Ben Valdez who is a driver “Once everything started to slow down, I was making like around $85 dollars for 12 hours.”


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