Stellantis Mandates Vaccine for Salaried Workers

Automaker Stellantis Mandates Vaccine for Salaried Workers

Automaker Stellantis had taken a decision, and they had made it public too by announcing it. It is not something new but amid all the problems regarding the mandates that have been causing a debate and a ruckus among the people and especially among the companies.

In the middle of all these debates and deliberation that had been going on, this automaker company is known as the Stellantis, you may have heard its name as it was formerly known as Fiat Chrysler.

Automaker Stellantis Mandates Vaccine for Salaried Workers

They stated that according to the new policies, they would require all of their United States non-union, salaried employees are going to be vaccinated by the month of January 5 or possibly face termination.

They are known to be the maker of Jeep and Ram vehicles. They made this particular announcement on Friday. They have told to its more than 14,000 salaried employees that they have to do this at any cost and that they must submit proof of their Covid 19 vaccination status by the date December 4. They have to receive their final doze by January 5 if they have not received it yet. This is all according to the mandate that they are making for their employees.

They did, however, say that they will consider the medical and religious exceptions for the employees who can not get vaccinated due to certain obligations and maybe some restrictions. This is the standard procedure that we have seen in all the mandates of big companies.

Other than that, if anyone fails to show their vaccinated status, then they will be put on 30 days unpaid leave. After that, they will be fired from the company if they fail to give their vaccine status even after that period of time. That is all for now.


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