Tesla Shares Fall After NHTSA Launches Formal Investigation Into Autopilot System


Autopilot is Tesla’s limited self-driving feature that still requires a human to operate. Since January 2018, NHTSA said it had identified 11 crashes where Tesla vehicles have “encountered first responder scenes and subsequently struck one or more vehicles.” The report covers an estimated 765,000 Tesla vehicles across models built between 2014 and 2021.

“Most incidents took place after dark and the crash scenes encountered included scene control measures such as first responder vehicle lights, flares, an illuminated arrow board, and road cones,” the document reads. “The involved subject vehicles were all confirmed to have been engaged in either Autopilot or Traffic Aware Cruise Control during the approach to the crashes.”

Tesla shares fell more than 4% Monday morning following the NHTSA announcement. The direct investment of the company can be seen in the latest updates. However, what comes next is what needs to be seen. We will keep you updated to the top. So keep following the news and you will surely get the update if there are any.


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