Top 10 Best Jack Stands


Have you ever noticed? There must be one person in your family or in your friends’ group, who is obsessed with car maintenance.

You will watch him learning and applying new things so often. By the way, you might be that person.

It’s too satisfying to take care of your car. But let me remind you, you should not forget to take care of yourself first.

You can easily handle both things with the right kind of equipment. It is hundred percent true that the right kind of equipment can make your task super easy and enjoyable.

Let’s talk about the jack stands. Jack stands are made to lift the car and hold it safely. If you are using only jacks for this purpose, then it could be dangerous for you.

Not fun but you can invite your death with this technique. And make them aware of this fact if anyone in your circle taking this kind of risk.

So, you need a jack stand for working on your car. Now you might be confused about which to select and how to choose the right one?

How to know which jack stand can lift your car easily? Go through the article. You will find the top 10 Best Jack Stands. This will help you to choose one for yourself. Or you can gift it too. Why not!

Top 10 Best Jack Stands

We are listing here some top jack stands to help you choose one for you.

1. Torin Big Red T43004 Aluminium 3-Ton Jack Stands

You will see the large aluminum base with the piston in the Torin Big Red T43004 aluminum jack stand. It has flat bottom not to harm your expensive garage floor.

It is extremely light weighted. It’s about just 4.6 pounds each. The rust-free aluminum construction will make it easy for you even many days later.

It will not get stuck and difficult to operate.You will love the fact that it will not take too much space when not in use.

It has a pin-through design considering more safety over the ratchet model. So, it will not drop on you.

The pillar design allows you to handle it very easily and can place under the car. It can lift your car to 10-3/4″ up to 15-5/8″.  You can adjust it according to you.

If you have trucks or SUVs, then maybe you need to think once. It has a limited height for cars. But you can put ESCO or Omega stands below.

2. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands 3-Ton Capacity

The AmazonBasics Steel Jack has to meet ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment. This is something you can afford easily. You can choose between two- or three-tons capacity.

You can easily adjust it by using a self-locking ratchet. You don’t need to struggle for the same height of both the jacks. To solve this issue, it has a precise height adjustment mechanism.

It comes with 2 or 3- ton capacity and offers you great stability with the square-shaped base. It is rustproof, so you don’t need to worry about that.

This jack stand comes with only 1- year limited warranty. Even though it is within budget but it has a low warranty.

3. ESCO 10498 3-Ton Jack Stand

ESCO10498 is one of the tallest 3-ton jack stands available. It goes well with your car, truck, and even if you have SUVs. It comes in heavyweight around 12 pounds each.

It is more focused on your car’s safety. It has a flat top with a removable rubber saddle cushion. So, you don’t need to worry about scratch while working.

Even if your car does not have clear jacking points it will take care of that thing. It will not slip out in any way. It offers you great stability. It has a powder-coated base with circular base pads.

Since ESCO 10498 is a little bit expensive and powerful tool, buy from the authentic site. Many people say that they received a shorter version.

4. Powerbuilt Unijack 3-Ton Capacity

Powerbuilt Unijack is an all-rounder tool you can buy easily. It can lift and hold your car. In this package, you will get both a jack and a jack stand. It has 3- ton lifting capacity. If it is fine for you, you can try this product.

It has a height range of 11” to 21”. You can handle it very easily. It has flat bottom and ratchet type lock to adjust it. you have to invest very low force due to its hydraulic technology.

It is a cheap product to invest in for helpful tools. But there is an issue you cannot use it many times in a day. It has lower durability.It is a quality product at a low cost.

5. Husky MPL4124 3-Ton Jack Stands

Husky MPL4124 tool goes well for cars, trucks, and SUVs, it has a 3-ton lifting capacity. You will have a height of 12 to 17.5 inches with the iron saddle. It is a heavy-duty tool with anti-stick feet.

You can easily store these jack stands. The base is designed uniquely to handle all the load of your car. It has a spring-loaded, release mechanism. You can use it easily.

Some people faced the issue of the unaligned safety pinhole. And its V- cut top can damage your car. Keep in mind these issues.

6. TONDA Steel Jack Stands 3-Ton Capacity

It is the strongest tool; you can use it daily and it will stand with the same strength. You have to pay a very less price compared to its quality.

It has a steel frame and iron arms. You will see a proper rust-resistant finish.It can lift to 3- tons weight. You can use it for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

It has a ratchet-type locking system which is easy to use.It can look sloppy due to some welds but this is a good product for cost and strength.

7. BIG RED Torin Double Locking Steel Jack Stands 6-Ton Capacity

Where most of the jack stands come up with a maximum 3-ton capacity, BIG RED Torin Double Locking Steel Jack Stands offers you capacity up to the 6-ton.

It has the range from 15.4″ to 23.8″. If you have a bigger truck then it is the best tool for you.

It is made up of good quality steel. It is a sturdy product with good durability. It has a large area and it comes with a ratcheting mechanism.

Due to this, you need to put in very little effort to handle it. if you are more concerned with safety, it has a double locking system.

BIG RED Torin Double Locking Steel Jack Stands is an inexpensive product with very good quality.

Be aware while you handling it and keeping it in your car. It is a heavy product. It can damage your car.

8. Sunex High Height Jack Stands 10-Ton Capacity

Sunex High Height Jack Stands provides you great height up to 46.5”. it is a heavy-duty product.

You can lift to 10- ton weight with the help of Sunex High Height Jack Stands. Whether you need it for SUV or truck it is the best product to try.

This jack stand offers you a V-shaped big saddle. It has a pinhole mechanism to adjust it. it can support very heavy vehicles. Also offers you a good height to work under the vehicle.

This jack stand is a little bit expensive. It is not compatible with small vehicles. Still, it depends on you for what purpose you need it.

If you want to just support the vehicle then you will have some other tools in a lower price range. But if you want a heavy-duty tool then this must be the choice.

9. Omega 32066 Magic Lift 6-ton Jack Stands

Omega 32066 Magic Lift 6-ton Jack Stands is easy to use. You have to lift its handle to manage it. it has a ratchet locking mechanism to minimize your efforts.

It gives you height from 15-3/4 inches to 24-3/8 inches. You can easily use this tool for a tall vehicle, whether it is a truck or SUVs.

This tool is sturdy and durable. You can use it very often and it will stand with the same strength. It has a steel base which makes it strong. It can easily handle 6-ton weight.

It is good to know its mechanism because many people are confused about its storage pin. It is there to not activating the mechanism in transport and not a poorly designed locking system.

10. Hein-Werner Blue/Yellow Jack Stands 3-Ton Capacity

Hein-Werner Blue/Yellow Jack Stands is a high-quality jack stand. It is a little bit costly but provides great durability.

It can lift up to the 3-tons weight. A wide saddle helps you to place it very easily. It has a ratchet-style mechanism for the locking system. You can effortlessly handle it.


When you are or anyone else in your circle is working on car maintenance, it becomes essential to have good quality equipment. Jack stand is one of those.

It helps you to lift your car easily. we hope after reading this article now you are clear with jack stands in the market.


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