How to Jump Start a Car


Well if you try to start your car and you find your battery is dead then you can simply jump start your car. It is pretty easy and simple once you know the process of doing so.

It is shocking to see how easily one can jump start their car. However a lot of people tend to forget how to jump start their car even if they have done it before.

No worries through because we have got a solution for you right here and we don’t judge. We mean we probably forgot what we ate last night so its all good. It happens.

No need to be feel bad about yourself. So without any further ado let’s see how to tell if your battery is actually dead and how can you jump start a car without and with using the cables.

How to Tell If Your Battery Is Dead?

Ok so this goes pretty much without saying that your car will only work after jump starting if your car has a problem with the battery or if your battery is dead to put it in simple words.

If there is any other problems with the car then you can easily consider jump starting as an option out of the window because it wont do anything to help.

So in such a situation you need to determine if your battery is actually dead or not.

Turn in your key in the car and if you see your engines running then you will know that the battery is not dead and that you will need to find some other solution to your problem (whatever it is).

But if you hear no engine then your battery is dead and you need to jump start your car. It can be your easy way out of this pickle of a situation.

So how do you actually jump start a car? Well we have just the thing for you below.

How to Jump Start a Car With Cables?

First, we will deal with the process of jump starting a car with cables. Have a look at the following steps and you will understand how to jump start your car with your cables.

The process is simple enough so follow the steps carefully –

Step 1: Make sure both cars are turned off.Connect the red positive jumper cable to the positive terminal of the stalled battery.

Step 2: The other positive (red) cable should go to the positive terminal of the good battery.

Step 3: Connect the black cable to the unpainted metal surface below the car’s hood.

Step 4: Start the jumping of the car. Run the car for about 3 minutes.Remove the cables in reverse order.

Step 5: Keep the car running for about 30 minutes so that your dead car battery gets a lot of time to recharge itself.

And you are done! Pretty simple isn’t it? You had to hardly do anything yourself in order to jump start your car. It is just a waiting game for you.

It is always advised to keep your cables in your car. You never know when you will require them.

But if you somehow forgot then also you can jump start a car. How? Read on to know.

Note – You have to remember where to put each cable. If you put the wrong move then you can zap yourself. It might not kill you but no one likes to be struck do they?

How to Jump Start a Car Without Cables?

If you have a transmission car then you can probably jump start it without cables too. Here is how you do it. Follow the following steps and you will be fine –

Step 1: Find a stretch of downhill road. Make sure that you are actually having a decent downhill.

Step 2: Put your car in first gear and depress the clutch.Turn the ignition on.

Step 3: Leave the clutch fully depressed and then start taking the foot off the brake. It will make your car roll downhill.

Step 4: Go downhill until you are reaching about 5-7 miles per hour.

Step 5: Now this is essential. You have to release the clutch quickly. The engine should start now.

Step 6: If by any Chance it is not starting then you need to depress the clutch and release it once again.

Note – If by any case you don’t have a downhill nearby then you can ask your friends to give your car a push and then follow the same procedure.


Hello, lovelies. Hope that you have found some use in this article. So tell us, where we use or did this article disappoint you?

Were you able to jump start your car by following the instructions? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.


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