How to Buy a New Car


Well, it is a huge experience when you are buying a new car and if this is your first car and you have no experience with handling of cars whatsoever then it can be a very daunting experience for you. But no need to be scared because we live in the brand new times of technology where there is as much transparency as one can desire. With a little bit of research, you will know which car to buy. You can also find your perfect dream car in this manner.

So to help you out we have got this article here. We will tell you what you have to do before you finally get to choose and buy your car. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

How to Buy a New Car?

Buying a new car is like a lottery. You pick one slot and if you are lucky you get a great car on a great deal as well as enjoy the shopping experience. But it is a double-edged sword. If you are not well informed and you pick the wrong slot then you end up with a crappy experience along with a not-so-good car. No one wants that. That’s why it is advised to do your research before you go to get your car.

Here we have listed the step-by-step procedure that you should carry when you are buying a new car. Please make sure that you follow all the steps and do not skip any. That’s absolutely essential.

Set your budget

First, you need to set the budget for your car. Make sure that you decide beforehand if you want to pay cash, take out a loan, or lease your new car. If you are paying cash then the process will be a simple and easy one but make sure that you do not spend all your cash because you will need to pay for registration, insurance, and sales tax.

It is most common for people to take out a car loan or to lease a car. If you are thinking of a loan then it is advised to get a pre-approved car loan. This will make the process easier and it will also place you in a stronger position in the dealership.

Choose the right car

This is a lot of fun to do. You get to pick your own car! Once you set the budget you will only look into cars that will fit in your budget. Then also you will get a lot of options for yourself. You will want to choose a car that will fit your needs. For example, if you have a family then you will want a car with ample seats and ample storage space. You might also want to check the safety of the car.

First narrow down the must have features for your car. Then find a car finder tool easily available at automotive sites. Filter your search according to your budget and features. You should always note down the top 3 choices of your desired car.

Check reliability and ownership costs

Everyone wants low cost ownership cars. It’s okay that you have searched and found a pretty reliable model but it is an added bonus if they have low-cost ownership. You should check the consumer reports on your selected cars. They include feedbacks from the owners of those cars that have been using them for a while.

Some cars are cheap to buy but they can cost a lot in the long run. They can definitely be added insurance and repairs that some cars require but certain cars require too much. You might want to check them out before you make a hasty purchase just because the cost price of the car is low.

Locate your car

You have to search your local dealership to locate and pick your right desired car. Sometimes you find the right model but not the right colour of the car that you would want to have. Sometimes the opposite also happens. You can find the right price and color but not the right model. To pick and locate your car can turn out to be a headache. So we need you to make sure that you search and search until and unless you find your perfect model as well as perfect colour.

Now every car dealership has a online site now a days. They have inventory for most of the cases. If you do not want to carry out your search on foot (which without a doubt can be a bit of a drag) then you can just sit at home and check out their inventory. They also add the new cars that are launched in their inventory. If you want a unique color then it is better to search for it online because then you will have more scope.

Find the right price

Well, this is important too. You can use Kelly Blue Book to find out what people around you are paying for a particular model of car. It is important to be aware of all this stuff so that you do not end up getting tricked and paying more at the dealership. Do not just go in to buy your car blind. It never worked out for anyone.

On that site you can go and enter all your requirements for the car including the color and the site will show you the prices that people pay. Also, make sure to check if your desired car has any incentives or rebates available on the model.

Maximize trade-in value

Well, many people will try to get rid of their car hassles when they are buying a new car they will also like to trade in their old car. If you are one of them then please be smart and not just take the wholesale price that the dealer will try to give you. Do your research before you go and then demand the trade in price. You can check the price that your car should sell for online. There are several such sites for this. You can go to CarMax or Edmund’ There are also other sites you can go to if you want.

Seal the deal

This is the last step that you have to perform when you are buying the car. If you are buying online then make sure that they deliver the car to your home rather than going to pick it up at the dealership.

However, most people like to do it in person while they sign the papers. You can go to negotiate the terms yourself and then finally seal the deal. You can also get car insurance or a warranty if you want. All these are additional stuff that the dealer will explain to you. It is better to be done face to face.


We hope that this article here has been able to help you in making your purchase of a car. Hopefully that you have gone through all the steps and then selected a car for yourself. You can not go wrong when you follow all the steps correctly.

We can only hope that you are happy with your new purchase. Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section below to tell us about your shopping experience as well as the model of the car you got. We would love to see that. Thank you so much once again. Do share this article with your friends who might be looking forward to buying a new car. Have a great ride!


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