9 Common Reasons Your Car Won’t Start


Is your car not starting or you are facing trouble with your car? No need to worry because we got you fam. You need to know about the best reasons why your car is not starting.

There can be quite a few reasons that can be causing this problem. This is going to be a long article so buckle up! So without any further ado let’s start!

9 Common Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Do not worry please since this happens to everyone. We have all faced this at some point. Many people directly take their car to the mechanic.

But if you are someone who wants to know what is wrong with your car then you might find this article useful. We are here to help you only. So let’s not beat around the bush anymore.

Here are the common reasons that your car won’t start. It can be a big ordeal so it is necessary to know about the reason behind this –

1. The Battery Is Dead 

If you try to start your car and then you see that your dashboard lights are not turning on then that can be a sign of dead battery.

The battery symbol of the car might also be blinking to show where the problem is but that does not work sometimes.

In the old days you could just jump start your car but that is not advised now a days because it can harm the electronics of the car.

The days are changing and thus so we need to change with the times too. A dead battery is no joke now a days. You can not just jump start it. You might just burn out your car

2. The Battery Connection Is Bad 

This does not happen often but it can happen in certain cases and we are covering all the bases today so that you do not have to face a problem and not get its solution.

If the battery connection is bad or loose then your car won’t start. Try turning them. If you see that they are loose then please get a professional to fix it.

For you because handling a battery is no joke and it can be fatal if you don’t know your ways around.

3. The Alternator Is Bad

This can be another reason behind your car not starting. If you start your car then you might see the interior lights of the car starting bright and then dimming latter on.

The alternator can be the culprit behind this. You might also notice a burning smell and the battery light indicator to indicate something is wrong.

It is not an easy problem to fix so you need to go to a professional with the problem.

4. The Car Isn’t In Park 

The car won’t start if it is in gear. You have to check the gear to see whether it is in park or neutral or somewhere else.

If it is not starting even in park position but it is starting in neutral it might be a bad neutral switch.

It can also be a source of problem if it is gear but still starting anyway so keep an eye out for that. This is very dangerous and you need a professional to handle this.

5. The Ignition Switch Has a Problem 

The power from the battery is taken to the other parts of the car using the ignition switch. If there is no power in the ignition system then you get stuck.

The battery might be working at this point but nothing else will work. This is another problem that you can not fix on your own.

You need to make sure that you are actually getting the best help of a professional you can get.

6. The Starter Is Broken 

Well we don’t need to tell you what the starter does. It is literally named after its function. It starts the car as simple as that. When you insert the key the starter starts the engine.

If you hear a clicking noise when you are trying to start the car then the problem lies in the starter. This is also a job for a mechanic professional.

7. The Fuel Filter Is Clogged 

The function of the fuel filter is simple. It delivers the clean fuel from the gas tank to the fuel injectors. If by any chance they get clogged then it is a problem for you.

The car won’t start. Well how can it start without any fuel? If you use low quality fuel then it can clog the fuel filter.

A lot of mileage can also be responsible for this. You need a professional to clean this for you.

8. The Steering Wheel  Is Locked 

This is also a valid reason behind your car not starting. If your steering wheel gets locked then it will not allow your car to start. Yanking on the steering wheel with all your might will not be of any help.

Use a side to side motion with the key in it. We consider using a duplicate key because your old key may be worn out.

9. The Car Is Out Of Gas

Well this might seem as the most common and simple solution of the problem but sometimes it is necessary to not over look the simple.

It is pretty easy to forget that you need to fill up your gas. Its okay because we are only human so take care that you.

Do not forget to check that before panicking and running to the professional also it is highly advised that you should never let your gas tank run too low often.

This can cause a lot of problems with your car over the period of time. In cold weather the empty tank with moisture inside it can freeze and cause trouble to you.

No one wants that right? So make sure that you do not ignore this as a trivial matter.


We hope that this article has been useful for you. This can be a problem faced by all of us. In fact most of us do face this problem.To those who are not well aware of the car and its systems, it can be a big hassle.

So hopefully this article has been helpful in such a situation. Please do share this article here with your friends and family.

You never know when they will need it since the problem is so common. Now go on and have a great day. Thank you!


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