When Is The Best Time to Buy a Car


Experts say that you must always buy a car when the car sellers are motivated to have a huge big sales target. There are a number of times during the year that this happens.

You should specifically target that periods of time. This usually happens towards the end of the month, the end of the sales quarter, or even the end of the year. Special cases are during the holidays.

Weekdays are also considered to be a good time to buy a car because then they are not getting that many customers.

The end of a car’s model year is also a good time because sellers would like to clear the stock of the older model to make room for the new ones.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Worried about the timing of buying a car? No worries because we have got you covered. There are certain periods of time that can work in your leverage.

Here are the 5 best times to buy a car according to car sales experts. Have a look at them and then plan your date of buying a car.

It is however not necessary that you have to go on these dates only. If you can figure it out on your own or if there is an exception in the course of time then you can get your dream car at a great deal too.

1. Weekdays

Like we started with, the weekdays are a very good time to buy a car. The showrooms are empty on weekdays.

You can go and take your time looking at the cars and the salesperson will answer all your questions.

You will also get a lot of time to negotiate a good deal with the person. You won’t be interrupted or hurried on the weekdays.

The dealers are busy on weekends and that’s the worst day to go buy a car. Try avoiding the weekends.

Moneylenders are also open on the weekdays so it will be easy to arrange for the money if you do need it and have not made the arrangements earlier in time.

2. End of the Month or Quarter

You must go to the car dealership at the end of the month or the quarter too. They have a monthly or quarterly sales goal that they get paid for.

There is also some kind of bonus included that will be given to the sale person if they meet with you.

If the quotas are not met then the salesperson will be more willing to negotiate a price with you and that ultimately leads to your gain.

3. End of the Calendar Year

The best deals for cars are available in the month of December. The best deals are usually around this end of the calendar year because of the festive season that is drawing near.

The salesperson will want to meet the yearly sales goal if they are not able to meet it yet and they will negotiate with you willingly and give you a lower price.

This will work out in your favor. They also get a bonus so they will be more than willing to show you around. This can be a great time to buy a car.

4. When New Models Come Out

The new model is going to take over the showroom and thus the salesperson and dealerships will like to get a stock clear of their older models as soon as possible.

This can be because of the fact that no one looks at an old model when there is a new shiny model right beside it.

A model’s years end around labor day. This is the case for domestic brands and maybe one or two months later for the import brands. You might also get a lot of discounts on the end.

5. Holiday Weekends

Here are the holidays to look out for –

  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Black Friday

See that list up there? We have listed the best holiday weekends to go get yourself a car.

These days are perfect because they are National holidays so the car dealers will probably give a flashy promotion with cash rebates and other incentives.

They might also be willing to negotiate with you more during the holidays weekends. The added advertising expenses need to be covered too so they will be more willing to show you around.


We hope that this article has been useful to you. Do not just go and buy a car when you have the funds. Try to be smart in this game.

After reading this article you probably know how to do this and when to make your purchase.

So be smart and follow what we say because you are the one who is going to benefit from it. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Do share this article here with your friends and family who are planning to buy a car. They might benefit a lot from it.

Thank you so much for giving this article a read. Hope you get a good car within a good deal!


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